The Goldfishbowl Swim School initially opened at its Coconut Grove venue in 1999. Prior to this the owner, Peter Brasher, had many years of experience teaching and coaching in Queensland. Peter opened his first swim school in 1985 in Kingaroy, South East Queensland.


Peter who travelled a lot to the NT, loving its fishing and wonderful outdoor lifestyle noticed a lack of quality learn to swim facilities and programs in Darwin. He believed that there was a good business opportunity for him in the NT.  Peter purchased the original land in 1998 and started the development not long after.


The idea was to build an East Coast style facility in the tropics - indoor, temperature controlled learn to swim centre that would be operational 12 months of the year. In 2003 the business was expanded to Palmerston and the new 25 metre facility was opened for business.


The Coconut Grove Goldfishbowl Swim school was sold in 2013 with Peter now concentrating his efforts on the one Goldfishbowl Swim School at Palmerston.


Peter Brasher - Owner, Teacher & Head Coach

Peter began his teaching career in 1985 in Queensland learning his trade off such great teachers and mentors as Laurie Laurence. Peter has developed his programs over many years with his preschool programs winning national awards.


During his early teaching career Peter diversified into coaching and is a nationally recognised Silver Licence swim coach. Peter has stated that one of his greatest achievements is to have taught children as infants and to be still working with the same child as their coach as they compete at a national level.


Mission Statement

The Goldfishbowl Swim School promotes water safety and awareness, for all age groups including infants, toddlers, pre-school, school age children, and adults.


We strive to instil a life long love and respect for water and all aquatic activities in a happy, safe and caring environment.


We encourage, coach and guide our swimmers who show ability and who have the personal ambition to enter into the competitive swimming arena.


We pride ourselves in assisting our swimmers to reach their full swimming potential.