Coaching Squads

The Goldfishbowl Swim School offers two levels of coaching squads.



Thunderbolt Squad - an entry level group for swimmers competing at a club level only

Trains Monday to Thursday from 4.15pm to 5pm & Saturdays from 1.15pm to 2pm.


Lightning Strike Squad - a developmental level for the beginner competitor, competing at NT and club level

Trains Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 6pm & Saturdays from 2pm to 3pm.

The squads train at the Goldfishbowl Swim School at Palmerston in our 25 metre facility.


Our head coach Peter Brasher, a Silver Licence coach, oversees the program whilst Kerrie Seymour, a Bronze Licence coach runs the program on pool deck.


Our associated club is the Casuarina Storm Swimming Club which is the premier club in the Northern Territory. 



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