Prices and Policies

Program Outlines

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Fees are to be paid in full with the confirmation of booking.



When a re – enrolment for the new term is confirmed a deposit of $75 is needed to confirm your spot or full fees can be paid to guarantee your booking.





Makeup lessons are a condition of enrolment and also a privilege. Your child learning to swim will require a special attitude from you. Their progress will greatly depend on your commitment to the program; any missed lessons will hinder this progress. Makeups are recommended for this reason.


Makeups offered each term - 1 makeup lesson is offered per term.

Unfortunately no guarantees can be given to a specific time, instructor or availability


Notification of Absence – At least one hour prior to the commencement of the lesson.  When you ring to give notice and the phone goes to message bank, you can leave a message that you are not coming to class.


Must be taken within the term. Cannot be rolled over to the next term unless the absence is on the last week of term.


Cancelled makeups:  If you cannot attend a makeup lesson then the lesson is forfeited


Long term illness:  for example  If you child has a broken bone or other long term illness you need to supply a  doctors certificate and opt to have the remaining lessons credited over to the following term or when they are available to return.


Does not replace your normal lesson or reduce your next payment. Make up lessons cannot be ‘tacked on’


Severe Thunderstorms:  In the case of severe thunderstorms our classes  would be suspended until the storm passes,  makeup classes will not be available


Cyclone warnings: In the case of cyclone warnings we will follow the NT Department of Education school closure guidelines, so when the school is closed we are also closed.  As per other industries such as day care & preschool, makeup classes will not be available for any missed classes.


Refunds: All requests for cancellations of classes and refunds are to be made in writing to Management providing a reason for cancelling classes and your bank details.  An administration fee of one lesson per swimmer will be charged on all refunds/cancellations.


Health Warning

Please take into consideration the health of other children and instructors by not allowing your child to swim if he/she is suffering a contagious condition e.g.  diarrhoea, chicken pox, measles, cold or flu, head lice, school sores, conjunctivitis etc.