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Prices and Policies


1st swimmer…...……………… … … … … … …         $205.00

2nd swimmer (a discount of 5% applies)…………       $194.75

3rd swimmer (a discount of 10% applies)…… ….       $184.50

4th+ swimmers (a family discount of 15% applies)…. $174.25



Mini Monsoon Full lap… … … … … … $220.00 

Cyclones… … … … … … ... ... ... ... ... $220.00 

Thunderbolts… … … … … … … … … $230.00

Lightning Strikes … … … … … … ….. $250.00



Fees are to be paid in full with the confirmation of booking.


All sales are final. Because classes have limited openings and are reserved for as long as you are enrolled, there are no refunds for any classes missed. 

Credits are not available for any missed lessons. 

If your child suffers a long term illness such as a broken bone etc. you will need to supply a doctors certificate to management via and opt to have the remaining lessons credited to when they can return. 

If there is a severe thunderstorm, our classes will be suspended until the storm passes, make up lessons will not be available. 

In the case of cyclone warnings, Goldfishbowl follows the Department of Education's advice. If schools are closed, so is the swim school. Make up lessons will not be available for any missed classes due to cyclone warnings. 

If you are cancelling and require a refund. You must email management at Providing a reason for cancelling your classes and your bank details. An administration fee of 1 lesson per swimmer will be charged on all refunds/cancelations. 


Makeup lessons are a condition of enrolment and also a privilege. Your child learning to swim will require a special attitude from you. Their progress will greatly depend on your commitment to the program; any missed lessons will hinder this progress. Makeups are recommended for this reason.

No make-ups will be given unless you are a current customer and your account is paid in full.

To receive a make up, you must provide us notice before your class is scheduled to commence. This is a self service offering and can be done through our online portal or via the app. 

You will receive a make up class after the class was due to commence. This will be in the form on an online token. This token will be valid for 14 days from the missed class. To redeem the token visit our website.

If you are unable to find availability within the 14 days, the token will be forfeited. At no time can a token be redeemed as credit or cash. 

Makeups can only be booked a maximum of 14 days in advance. 

One make up per term per student is allowed.

Make up lessons cannot be booked in for the last week of term.

The token is only valid for the class that the student is currently enrolled in.

Download our app, iclasspro from either Android or Apple and use our organisation code: goldfishbowl.  


  1. Please ensure you check in at reception on arrival for your class.(please note that the office will be closed on Friday afternoons & Sundays - if you are attending these sessions please mark your name off on the list provided on the desk near the entry)

  2. There will be no lessons on public holidays.

  3. The swim school reserves the right to change a teacher if the need arises.


Please be considerate of others and follow the Goldfishbowl Swim School rules. Compliance of these rules and direction of all staff is always expected in order to provide a safe, hygienic and enjoyable experience for all.

  • Always walk, no running

  • Enter the pool safely - running, flipping or bombing in the pool is not permitted

  • Observe and obey all signs

  • Parent / guardian / careers are to remain at the Centre during swimming lessons

  • Mobile phones and cameras are not permitted in the toilet and changerooms

  • All swimmers must wear appropriate and clean swimwear

  • Young children must wear an aqua nappy. Regular nappies are not permitted in the water

  • Management recommends that if you or your child has suffered from diarrhea in the last week, not to use the swimming pool

  • Bottles/glassware are not permitted within the center

  • Alcohol is not permitted

  • Eat your food in the facilities breeze way, food is not permitted inside the pool area.

  • Animals are prohibited

  • Dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.

  • The Goldfishbowl Swim School is SMOKE FREE area

  • Chewing gum is not permitted at this center

Videos or photos are not permitted to be taken of other children or families other than your own. 

No phones are permitted to be used in the Goldfishbowl toilets. 

Goldfishbowl staff reserve the right to refuse photos to be taken on pool deck, during lessons. 

Goldfishbowl staff may only take photos of families if given written permission through the A006 Image Release Adult &/or A007 Image Release Child. These forms specify the following: 

I give permission for these images to be used by RLSSA for the purposes of promoting and producing communication materials for RLSSA including those distributed via but not limited to: video, print and internet media. These images will remain the property of RLSSA to be used as its sole discretion for the above mentioned purposes.


By providing my credit card, debit card, or bank account information, I authorize the Goldfishbowl Swim School to charge my account for the agreed upon purchases and/or services.

When paying online you will incur a surcharge fee from our payment gateway of:
Mastercard credit - 1.82%
Mastercard debit - 1.80%
Visa credit - 1.82%
Visa Debit - 1.80%
Eftpos - 1.80%

Failed bank account payments will incur a failure fee of - $5.50

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